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Porec Holidays

Porec holidays offer you a feisty resort town in Istria in Croatia to explore. It borders Slovenia and maritime borders Italy. This peninsula is the most popular tourist destination in Croatia with many people opting for Porec holidays. Having topped the charts as a popular tourist destination, Porec is extremely hospitable and tourist oriented town, making Porec holidays full of fun. Rich cultural heritage combined with the electrifying and non-stop nightlife offers tourists fun and enjoyment. Parties at the town centre, beach clubs, bars, discos offer plenty of excitement much after the sun has set in Porec.

Many wonderful rocky beaches, intriguing Roman Architectural wonders numerous sporting activities, enchanting taverns add spice and charm to the Mediterranean way of living. Holidays to Porec are a memorable experience that refreshes and soothes your senses.

Feisty Resort Town of Porec

Porec holidays offer you the opportunity to explore Pazin and Pula, two wonderful neighbouring towns along the west coast of Istria. A canal separates the older parts of Porec and the mainland. The island of Sveti Nikola with its many beaches is an enthralling facet of Porec. Plava and Zelena are beautiful resorts open to tourists throughout the year. Porec has a long-standing tradition of tourism. Many prestigious hotels and resorts are located here. They offer international standards of service and accommodation facilities. With tourism being prominent, the number of tourists coming for holidays to Porec has increased manifold. Many cultural events that include jazz, folk and classical music are hosted here, for the benefits of tourists. To attract the youth, many discos, bars, nightclubs on open terraces provide vibrating nightlife, making Porec holidays full of fun and frolic.

General Etiquette in Porec

If you are invited to the home of a local resident, remember it is polite to finish the food on your plate. Also, accept Rakia if offered, which is a home made drink made of plum brandy. Remember that during Porec holidays, tips and taxes are included in the bill, so additional tipping is required only if you visit the dining areas in large groups.

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