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Poovar Holidays

The diversity of landscapes that you get to see and be a part of during Poovar holidays is amazing – from calm intertwining waterways to golden sands, and from verdant forests and lush coconut groves to gently flowing backwaters of Kerala. No doubt Poovar holidays offer an idyllic retreat.

Poovar is situated near another popular tourist resort in Kerala, Kovalam.  Poovar holidays are still quite unexplored comparatively, and thus offer you the pleasure of discovering virgin spots for yourself. The coconut and palm groves form the backdrop for the golden sandy beaches by the sparkling waters. In fact, it is the abundance of natural beauty in this part of the world that is responsible for making Poovar holidays carve a name in Indian tourism industry.

Poovar beach lies between the Arabian Sea and the Neyyar River. Poovar holidays let you be in one of the fishing villages of the region which is accessible only through waterways. The only sound that breaks the meditative calmness of the surroundings here is the sound of the waves and the birds. Holidays in Poovar, in fact, attract mostly backpackers as well as couples who crave for some solitude. If you want an action-packed water sports holiday, then Poovar holidays are not for you.

The exoticism of the surroundings is enhanced by the bright green plantain trees, spices (imagine the varied fragrances) and tropical flowers, making Poovar holidays one of the most sensually stimulating leisure experiences. Poovar holidays let you soak in the absolutely tranquil environs of the lush South Indian state of Kerala. In fact, holidays at Poovar take place in the renowned backwaters of the state, ideal for complete unwinding of the body and the mind.

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