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Ponta Negra Holidays

Ponto Negra, located at a distance of 9 miles from Natal, Brazil; is a friendly beach resort in the state of Rio Grande do Norte. Ponto Negra means ‘Black Tip’. The completely urbanized beach in Ponto Negra is ideal for a beach vacation with family and friends. If sand, sea and sun are your idea of a relaxing holiday, then Ponto Negra holidays fit the bill perfectly. The several shops, bars, night clubs and restaurants cater to the needs of thousands of tourists visiting Ponto Negra year after year. The sand on the beach is lined with huts and tents serving food and drink to beach goers. The beach in Ponto Negra has multicoloured local fishing boats known as jangadas lining the shore. This is typical in north-eastern Brazil and in keeping with history of Ponto Negra being a fishing village formerly. The atmosphere in Ponto Negra is cosmopolitan with an exotic Brazilian charm. Nightlife is vibrant and restricted to hotels and resorts here. Beach is the main attraction with sunshine

Ponta Negra with its 4km long beach is the most famous tourist spot in Natal. The village of Ponta Negra is perched above the beach and is of a few square kilometres large. Ponta Negra holidays boast of a crescent shaped beach ideal fro swimming, kite surfing, sailing and all sorts of water sports. The beach from Ponta Negra extends to the quieter resorts and beaches of Praia dos Artistas, Praia do Forte and Praia do Meio. You have easy access to neighbouring beaches of Praia Muriu, Jacuma beach, Praia de Maracajau, Praia de Pipa and Praio de Amor. Ponta Negra is home to a trendy surf scene with right amount of waves and wind making surfing a popular entertainment here. The resort of Ponta Negra is lively and tourist friendly with a relaxing atmosphere. The highlight of a Ponta Negra holidays is the wide choice of bars and restaurants that cater to all gastronomy needs of the tourists here. The good food is closely followed by good entertainment during your holidays in Ponto Negra. Brazilian music and dance make every night an experience that leaves you thoroughly contended. The exotic nightlife is at is best in Alto Negra where you can enjoy folklore displays, music bars, nightclubs, caipirinha cocktails etc.

General Etiquette in Ponta Negra

Brazilians are friendly people and they rarely expect a tip. Tips are gratefully acknowledged if extended. Tipping is completely left to the discretion of the customer and tourists can be gracious enough to leave a few extras for exceptionally good service if they wish so. In Ponta Negra, Brazil, a 10% service charge is shown in the final bill in restaurants, but there is no compulsion to oblige. The bill amount excluding this tip can also be paid without rousing any enquiry. Taxis here run on metre and it is common practice to round off the taxi charge to ht next whole number. There is no need to add a tip, but if you are travelling from or to the airport, each suitcase is charge a nominal fee of R$3 in addition to taxi charge during your holidays to Ponta Negra. The charge is inclusive of transfer of luggage out of or into the car. There are taxis that charge flat rates for a particular journey and these are known as radio or special taxis. These taxis need not be tipped since their rates are generally higher. Tips can be extended to bell hops, chambermaids, local guides, tour guides, boat trip organizers etc.

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