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Ponta do Sol Holidays

Ponta do Sol is an idyllic village that is located on the Portuguese coast of Madeira. This is what its name means: ponta in Portuguese means “point”, and “Sol”, in Portuguese, as well as in most other Romanic languages, refers to the sun (remember the word “solar”). As this much suggests, Ponta do Sol is an expression that means a point of the sun. Ponta do Sol is sandwiched between the middle and west of Madeira.

Ponta do Sol is a small village, even by Portuguese standards. Ponta do Sol occupies a total area of less than 200 sq km, when its entire municipality and town limits are taken into consideration. With a total area as small as this; Ponta do Sol has only around 8,000 people. This population figure is undoubtedly one of the prime reasons to visit the enchanting island that Ponta do Sol is. The tourist is certain never to bump into crowded bazaars and malls. There is so much tranquillity that one is sure to be spellbound by it. This solace and quiet calm is the major reason people from many parts of the world, primarily Europe, make it a point to visit Ponta do Sol.

General Etiquette in Ponta do Sol
Most hotels employ the local population as staff. Although most of them are paid fairly decently, tips of 15 percent is standard, as it is across Portugal. The common practice is to drop a one or two-Euro note into the hands of the attendants, such as room service attendant, laundry assistant and so on. Service Tax is not included in most bills, so one has to be watchful about this.

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