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Ponta do Pargo Holidays

The west coast of Madeira has a jewel in its crown. It goes by the name of Ponta do Pargo. Ponta do Pargo is a tourist spot that is a veritable magnet for visitors from far and wide. Ponta do Pargo is situated at the tip of the western part of the Madeira’s coastline. In fact, to delve into a little etymology, Ponta do Pargo gets its name from its location. In Portuguese, the west point is called Ponta. Since this point of the coast is endowed with abundant presence of a local variety of fish called the pargo, this town gets this dual nomenclature, which literally translates to “Western point of the coast of the pargo fish”.

The lighthouse, which has guided seafarers since 1922, is one of the highlights of Ponta do Pargo. At over 300 metres, this stands like a majestic landmark, as if it were a bright milestone that welcomes the tourist. Once the tourist perches oneself on another of the many attractions of this places, the numerous cliffs that overlook the seacoast and the lighthouse, that is perhaps the nearest one gets to the concept of beauty. Nature is at its best in Ponta do Pargo. Typical of an embankment, the coastal town of Ponta do Pargo is a plain land with little in terms of geographical ups and downs.

General Etiquette in Ponta do Pargo
Although local customs do not have anything relating to tipping, one is advised to use caution while handing a few extra coins. This could end up offending the local populace, to avoid which the best thing the tourist could do is consult the hotel management.

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