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Pomorie Town Holidays

Holidays to Pomorie Town unveil a small place with lovely beaches and very picturesque surroundings. Pomorie Town is located on a thin strip of rocky peninsula flanked by the Pomorie Lake and the sea on either side. Pomorie Town is positioned around 18 km north of Bourgas and is well connected to the adjoining town of Nessebar.

Visitors on holiday in Pomorie Town can roam around the pleasing streets of the old town, take leisurely walks, discover the peninsula’s magnificent beaches and enjoy the exceptionally sunny climate and relaxed atmosphere. The major attractions during Pomorie Town holidays are the various churches, museums and a number of ancient buildings that have a long history attached to them. This town was founded in IV century B.C. close to a salt lake and was considered sacred by the ancient Thracians because of its healing powers. Both the town of Pomorie and the adjoining village of Nessebar are famous for their antiquity and architecture but they have the markings of the fire that destroyed both the towns in 1906.

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