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Plymouth Holidays

If you are looking for a piece of American history, Plymouth is the place to be. Plymouth is town located close to Boston, Massachusetts. The history of Plymouth dates back to 1620, when the first Pilgrim Fathers came here from England. There is a huge influx of tourists in Plymouth who want to learn about Mayflower- the famous ship of the pilgrims. And those who said rocks are lifeless need to think again. The Plymouth Rock, which is a small boulder, located in the centre of the city gets tons of visitors each year.

Plymouth has history written all over it. Apart from the Plymouth Rock, there is a life size replica of Mayflower replete with guides and statistics. The picturesque seaside town is a perfect destination to know about the culture and tradition of America. It is conveniently located to the renowned cities of Boston, Providence as well as Cape Cod. There are activities and events happening throughout the year in this old town of America. Surely, you would never get bored in Plymouth. It may not be the quintessential holiday destination but it is an interesting one indeed.

Like the rest of America, tipping in Plymouth is a custom. If you do not tip in Plymouth, you will come across as rude and disrespectful. The general norm is to leave a 15% tip in restaurants. However, it entirely depends on the situation. If a taxi driver is of help to you while loading and unloading bags, you should give him a 5% tip. There is no tipping needed in pubs unless a hostess is serving you.

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