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Playa Pesquero Holidays

Fantastic Caribbean beaches welcome you to the peaceful resort Playa Pesquero on the Costa Verde coast in Cuba. The lush greenery with mangrove forests and towering palms epitomize the tranquillity you’ll experience in Playa Pesquero holidays.

The sun-soaked white sands and warm turquoise waters of the Pesquero beach are the main highlights of Playa Pesquero holidays. The all-inclusive hotels at Playa Pesquero have world-class facilities on offer along with warm and friendly staff. With water sports facilities, boat rides, indoor and outdoor games, dance classes, Spanish language lessons, jeep safaris and a lot more surprises in store for you, Playa Pesquero holidays are synonymous with leisure and fun. Tourists need to change their money into the Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC) on arrival in Cuba. The CUC is to be used for all purposes in Playa Pesquero, including tipping the waiters and other staff. The local time at Playa Pesquero is +5 hours of GMT. Do carry light woollens if you are going to Playa Pesquero in the winter season for it can get slightly cold in the evenings and nights here.

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