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Playa de Pals Holidays

Ever considered the idea of getting away to a secluded spot in a corner of Europe, being cut off from the rest of the world, and playing golf day in and day out, while sipping your favourite drink occasionally? If this idea sounds seductive to you, pack your bags right away and fly down to Playa de Pals! Yes, Playa de Pals is your dream destination for catching up on everything from lost sleep to feasting. Tucked in a reclusive corner of Gerona in Costa Brava in the Spanish region of Catalonia, Playa de Pals is extremely close of the medieval township of Pals. The Bay of Emporda overlooks this coast majestically, providing it the perfect heritage-sight look.

Playa de Pals is the getaway in every sense of the term. The tourist to Playa de Pals can look at this place as a kind of hermitage that is meant for refreshing and discovering the inner self. It is the perfect idea of a total rejuvenation of the soul. Playa de Pals is a great holiday resort with a touch of history. Much of this ancient township has been left undisturbed and unspoilt from the ravages of modernity. All that the tourist to Playa de Pals would get to see as reminders of 21st century existence are the innumerable golf courses and the restaurants and bars, most of which too, are housed in ancient monument-like structures! Even houses have rustic style of decoration and architecture.

Service Tax is included as part of the bill in Playa de Pals, as in most of the rest of Spain. The tourist is advised to pay tips to everyone among the staff, although anywhere between five and 10 percent for the main attendant is the practice.

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