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Playa de los Pocillos Hotels

Playa de los Pocillos is one of Lanzarote’s newest beach resorts, most of its area having developed in the 1990s in recognition of the large number of tourists demanding vacation time on the southern coast. Playa de los Pocillos is one of Lanzarote’s most modern tourist resorts and offers several excellent lodging facilities on the island. There is still some construction work that you will frequently witness, but in all fairness, these constructions do little to disrupt your holiday plans.

Most recently, the European Union development fund has helped create a wide seafront promenade (traffic free) connecting Playa de los Pocillos to Matagorda in the north and Puerto del Carmen in the south. During the day, especially in the evenings, the promenade allows a lovely walk into Puerto del Carmen and to experience its varied nightlife, especially in the Centro Atlantico area and the Avenida de las Playas.

Playa de los Pocillos is extremely popular with families with young children who prefer to retire before midnight. Most luxury and budget accommodation in Playa de los Pocillos is concentrated around its beaches, which are also the center of activities like windsurfing, scuba-diving, water and jet-skiing and motor boat rides along the coastline. Playa de los Pocillos has shallow waters which are also perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Less than a mile from Playa de los Pocillos is the Puerto del Carmen resort, considered the biggest beach resort in Lanzarote. Playa de Carmen houses the majority of accommodation facilities on the island and there are countless visitors who put up at Playa de Carmen to use Playa de los Pocillos as a quiet and relaxing diversion.

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