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Pineda de Mar Holidays

For the best sand and sea that Mediterranean Europe has to offer, very few destinations can match Pineda de Mar! Pineda de Mar, located in the Maresme comarca (county) of Catalonia in Spain, is a seaside place that is laced with long stretches of shining white sands. One of the best reasons for the tourist to visit Pineda de Mar is that it has been on the map of tourist destinations in mainland Europe even in the interwar years. The fabulous beach resort has thus been among the places at the forefront of inviting tourists long before the concept of tourism caught up. It is just that all these years of experience have brought in a certain expertise and finesse that puts Pineda de Mar right on top of the favoured destinations for the globetrotter.

These decades of experience in the tourism sector have also changed the profile of the visitor to Pineda de Mar. While it were the super rich and the elite of Barcelona that used to frequent Pineda de Mar, today, a visitor does not need to have deep pockets, nor is there a need to belong to elite social ranks to make it to Pineda de Mar.

Pineda de Mar is sandwiched majestically between Santa Susanna and Calella. Pineda de Mar is a frontrunner among tourist destinations in Europe. Its rise to prominence as a European tourist spot, which came ahead of most other places in the continent, can be attributed perhaps to the fact that Pineda de Mar was a chosen destination for stopovers for armies dating to the time of the Roman Empire.   A few remnants of the bygone era are still visible in the form of at least four aqueducts that are believed to be from the Roman era. Despite all these years of having been a place predestined for tourism, Pineda de Mar is surprisingly quiet and unhurried. Its population is in the vicinity of just around 25,000. Pineda de Mar’s population has risen only 15-fold in the century and more since the start of the 20th century. This solitude is another great reason to pack the bags and leave for Pineda de Mar. 

The bill usually includes the Service Tax, and is thus not an inconvenience. Like everywhere else, a five to 10 percent tip on services is the norm. But it is important to remember to offer tips in Pineda de Mar to everyone whose service you take, no matter how small that money. Local manners include being greeted with a bow.

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