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Piana Holidays

Piana is one of the 236 communes of the French Haute-Corse that lies on Corsican Islands. Piana lies in the centre-west of this island and is well known for its beautiful covers. Situated towards the coastline, these islands are surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea on three sides. Piana lies on a plateau that is 438 meters above the sea level. The people of Piana are called the Corsicans. There is a history behind this place that makes it more interesting place to visit.

Tremendously Beautiful Piana

You will find the rugged and jagged coastline not very inviting but the beauty of the place will win your heart. The figures that have been formed due to erosion of sand by sea and wind are worth the trip. These figures on the 300 meter deep blue sea are really breathtaking. The place is always calm and serene, just the opposite of what we find in our busy cities. If you are planning a vacation where you don’t want any kind of disturbance, then Piana is surely the right place for you. With terrific sceneries and just the perfect weather throughout the year, it is the best spot for rejuvenating and relaxing vacation.

General Etiquette in Piana

French have always been famous for their manners and ethics. People from France have always been said to have that finesse and polish. That elegance and poise come in them naturally. Same is with Piana. You will find people who are friendly and full of etiquettes. You will know about their manners when you approach them for help or you go to restaurant to order food. You will always be greeted with heart full of love.

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