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Phoenix Holidays

Phoenix is a metropolitan city and the capital of Arizona, USA. It belongs to the Maricopa County and incorporated in February 5, 1881. It is located in the valley of the Salt River, Arizona, at an elevation of 1,117 ft in Sonoran Desert. Mc Dowell Mountains, White Tank Mountains, Superstition Mountains and Sierra Estrella surround this region. Phoenix Mountains and South Mountains are within the city limits. The Salt River is often dry due to irrigation diversions to two lakes: Tempe Town Lake and Lake Pleasant Regional Park. The confluence of Salt River with Gila River in this region made it a hub in Southwest United States.

The Hohokam occupied Phoenix for more than 10 decades. Americans and Europeans came to this region in search of beaver and otter pelts, deer and Mexican wolves in early 19th century. Drought and severe floods had led the Hohokam to abandon this region. Jack Swilling an American Civil War Veteran came here the west to seek wealth. While resting at the foot of White Tank Mountains, he imagined cultivating this area as the terrain and climate were optimal. Following the Native American System, he had a series of canals built. This region came to be Pumpkinville but Lord Darrell Duppa suggested Phoenix as a new city was born from the ruins of the Hohokam civilization.   

President Theodore Roosevelt signed a new pact allowing building of dams; the Roosevelt Dam was completed in1911 and several artificial lakes constructed. The coming of railways became a boon to Phoenix. They aided free flow of merchandise with military supplies transported during World War II. When the fire destroyed the Street Railway Fleet, automobiles became the preferred method of transportation. White Americans, African American, Native American, Asian and Europeans form the main population of Phoenix. It has maintained a steady growth rate of 24.2% in the last 10years. The desert setting has become a favourite with tourists. Subprime Mortgage Crisis has severely affected the growth of this city though Central Phoenix seems to be recovering. American Express, U-HAUL International, Best Western and Mesa Air Group are companies with their corporate offices here. Construction, agriculture, telecommunications, tourism and recreation are the major industries.   
Beautiful and Exotic Phoenix

Many parks help residents cope up with the heat. Parks, water parks and recreation centres established help enhance the beauty of the desert landscape. Big Surf in Tempe, Wet ‘n’ Wild Phoenix in Glendale, Golf and Sunsplash in Mesa, Oasis Water Park at Arizona Grand Resort are a few parks worth mentioning. Castles N’ Coasters and Enchanted Island are two entertaining amusement parks.

Real cowboys, rugged mountains and big varieties of cacti characterize Phoenix. Sunsets are most spectacular drawing the land in beautiful hues. Incredible Resorts, amazing spas, outstanding arenas and stadiums, restaurants with magnificent views, lovely golf courses and elegant shops are a testament to the dreams of ranchers and miners. There are more than 200 golf courses and 6 lakes, many parks and stadiums. Country and rock music are highly popular and many artists have evolved here.
Downtown Phoenix is contemporary with arenas, concert halls and boutiques. Central Phoenix is home to Camelback Mountain and the Phoenix Mountain Reserve and still has a traditional appeal. East Valley has a relaxed suburban feel comprising cities like Tempe, Chandler, Mesa and Gilbert. Scottsdale is the newest and hottest area with swanky restaurants and nightclubs. North Valley offers the best in hiking and outdoor activities.

General Etiquette in Phoenix

Be careful not to leave your children or pets in the car. Car thefts are quite common here, so lock your card doors and don’t leave any valuables in plain sight. Hikers at Phoenix can encounter rattlesnakes and other potential hazards, so don’t hike alone and keep company. Try to hike in early mornings, it is less strenuous. Water pack, light clothing, comfortable footwear, hat and sunscreen, sunglasses and cell phone are necessities in Phoenix. In restaurants, check if they have charged you for gratuity and tip 15% of the bill amount if they have not. 

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