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Petrovac Holidays

Petrovac is a beautiful small town located in the midst of Budva and Bar and is most famous for its sandy beach which is about 600 metres long. Petrovac is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Montenegro and its proximity to the neighbouring beaches of Buljarica and Lucice makes it attractive to both Montenegrin and Serbian crowds. In comparison to the close by towns of Sutomore and Budva, Petrovac is seen as a much calmer holiday resort. Generally, Petrovac is seen as a summer beach destination and is lively during the summer months. In the recent times, the tourist accommodation has expanded to accommodate the tourist over flow from the nearby cities. Still, it is considered much low key than the rest of the bustling cities of Montenegro.

Petrovac is most famous for the two sand and pebble beaches. Though not a very large town, the beaches see plenty of action during the summers. The main beach, which is 800 metres long, is called Petrovac and the second beach, which is known as Luchice, is much smaller, running about 200 metres long. Tourists can easily walk from one beach to another, since they are only about 500 meters apart.

Petrovac - Overview

Almost all the entertainment that occurs in Petrovac, occurs around the beach area. Most people who are visiting Petrovac, visit the place to relax and unwind. While the young crowd moves on to the livelier towns in the vicinity, families tend to stick around in Petrovac to enjoy the nature and the calm beaches. At the North West end of the town, is a port which can be quite lively in the night time. There is also a fortress called Costello, which has been turned into an open club and bar. This club remains open throughout the night and sees a lot of dancing. In February every year, there is a jazz and blues festival in Petrovac.

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