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Peloponnese Holidays

A combination of culture, history and beach would meet travellers on Peloponnese holidays. This mix of relaxation and sight seeing opportunities make holidays at Peloponnese a much awaited and liked get away of Greece. Peloponnese is the southern peninsula of the Greek mainland. The spectacular beaches against backdrop of lofty mountains makes Peloponnese a paradise of stunning landscapes. Tourists visit Peloponnese very often and revel in its natural beauty as well as its cultural and historical heritage. Peloponnese holidays would allow visitors to get a glimpse of many ancient Roman and Greek remains that come up every now and then here. Those of you who want to avail holiday packages to Peloponnese should contact travel agents and book your seats in advance.

The three fingered peninsula forming the Peloponnese region abounds with beauty and history. Roam around the streets to breathe in ancient Greek history or relax at the many beaches here with sun, sand and sea. You can alternately spend your time exploring many Venetian castles and Byzantine palaces that can be seen in plenty here in Peloponnese. The culmination of modern and ancient avenues of entertainment and sights makes Peloponnese unique. Peloponnese holidays are incomplete without visiting Olympia in the north west, Corinth in the east and Sparta in the heart of Peloponnese. Peloponnese has history written all over it and every milestone would bring you to ancient ruins of the bygone eras of Roman and Greek rule.

General Etiquette in Peloponnese

Dress is casual here in Peloponnese. It is appropriate to leave a 10 to 15% tip for good service at restaurants. Tipping is not obligatory but as a gesture of appreciation for service rendered it is acceptable as well as appreciated. If you are in doubt, it is wise to ask locals about dishes on the menu during your Peloponnese holidays. Avoid places that offer free wine. Always check your bill and tally it with what you have been served during your Peloponnese holidays.

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