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Pelion Holidays

Pelion holidays are a traveller's delight with beautiful beaches, lush valleys, cooling streams, fruit orchards and forests. Pelion offers relaxing holidays to its visitors. Located on mainland Greece, Pelion can be accessed from airport near Volos. Pelion is ideal for beach holidays with crystal clear waters of the Pagasitikos Gulf and soft sandy stretches. The weather adds to making Pelion holidays a perfect one with plenty of golden sunshine. The beaches are unique since you will find them totally unexplored and nestling between cliffs, inlets, coves and caves. Pelion holidays extend an authentic Greek feel when compared to other Greek tourist spots.

Pelion holidays would transfer you to an age of natural beauty and completely calm and serene atmosphere. There is no crowd, and hurrying required here. Pelion holidays are perfect for spending time away from work, enjoying togetherness with loved ones on family holidays or even your honeymoon. Popular resorts like Kala Nera, Milina and Horton have many activities and entertainment options for children. Koropi is a resort set in between olive groves and pear orchards and should not be missed while on Pelion holidays. Night life in Pelion is relaxed and modest. Te resort of Agios Ioannis on the north east coast is a lively resort in Pelion.

General Etiquette in Pelion

Pelion is a very casual place and tourists can feel comfortable here. There are no local dos and dont's that have to be followed. Tipping is generally practised by tourists who visit Pelion and locals accept it. It is normal to leave behind a 10% or 15% tip for services rendered on the table in restaurants. Shady places promising free drinks and wine are best avoided.

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