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Paxos Holidays

Most Greek islands have a natural authentic charm about them and Paxos is no exception. Visiting Paxos while on holidays in Greece introduces you to an island particularly famous for its pure serene ambience and natural splendours. For those who are not particularly interested in jazzy parties and hectic nightlife while on a Greek holiday, Paxos proves to be an ideal getaway. The essence of tranquillity that prevails in the surroundings of this island has made it one of the top 25 getaways of the world. Naturally, Paxos features as a prominent location in almost all Greek holiday packages, as a landmark destination.

Holidays in Greece always promise to entice you with natural extravagance and Paxos is no exception. Incorporating several sandy and pebbly beaches, Paxos makes for ideal Greek marine holiday.  Encircled by magnificent bays, harbours and cliffs; Paxos leaves you almost awestruck. The imposing crystalline limestone cliffs, caves and rock sculptures are worth exploring as well. A holiday in Paxos also provides informative glimpses of the typical Ionian architecture which prevail in the principle towns of Gaios, Laka, and Logos. The virginal fishing villages lend an untouched quality to this tiny island which is why it features in most Greece holiday packages. Paxos holidays also provides you with the opportunity of visiting some of the most intriguing churches, monuments and shops which take you back in time.  A trip to the neighbouring Erimitis would also be interesting.


Greece holidays are mostly an informal affair. When eating out, you are almost always welcomed into the kitchen where the food is displayed. One can keep ordering food as many times as he wants, without annoying waiters. Tipping is your personal choice. Greeks are very hospitable and polite; however strict punctuality is expected from you when you are on a holiday in Greece.

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