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Paros Holidays

Holidays in Greece are never complete without a visit to the island of Paros. Paros is situated in the central Aegean Sea and is one of the Cyclades island group. Emerging from a rich cultural heritage, Paros has developed as a popular European tourist destination which features in almost all European holiday packages. Located in the vicinity of the popular Greek holiday destinations like the Piraeus and the famous Mykonos, Paros has succeeded in retaining most of its traditional serenity and charm. This makes it an ideal location for enjoying blissful traditional holidays in Greece. The growing popularity of Paros with Greece holiday package makers lies in the varied choice of splendours it offers to its tourists. Starting from splendid coastal extravagance and relics of historic relevance to simple countryside locales and pure Greek hospitality and culture; Paros has it all.

Greece holidays always feature a trip to the island of Paros, which is one of the largest, incorporating a massive coastline of about 120 kms. Visiting Paros is therefore ideal for enjoying beach holidays in Greece. There are a plenty of white crystalline sandy beaches close to the capital town of Paprika, which are ideal venues for enjoying the effervescence as well as the serenity of coastal splendours. Holidays in Paros also provide an informative glimpse into the rich historical heritage of Greece. Enjoying significant historical relevance for diamond quarrying, Paros houses some of the most famous religious and historical monuments of Greece which explains its presence in most Greece holiday packages. An ideal holiday in Greece is incomplete without a feel of typical Greek hospitality and the lovely undulating countryside locales which have a strange simplistic charm, both of which can be abundantly enjoyed in Paros.


Greece holidays are mostly an informal affair. When eating out, you are almost always welcomed into the kitchen where the food is displayed. One can keep ordering food as many times as he wants, without annoying waiters. Tipping is your personal choice. Greeks are very hospitable and polite, however strict punctuality is expected from you when you are on a holiday in Greece.

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