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Paris Getting there and around

When it comes to reaching Paris, travellers have a choice of plane, train, bus or car. Paris has three international airports with Charles de Gaulle International Airport being the most renowned. Paris is well-connected to the rest of Europe by train with six different stations. A trans-European bus service known as Eurolines offers buses to Paris at rates cheaper than trains but with longer duration of the journey. Tourists are advised not to rent cars on your Paris holidays due to dense traffic and parking problems. However, walking in Paris still remains the best way to sightsee during your Paris holidays. Paris does have an excellent underground train system, known as the Métro however tourists can choose walking over a metro ride of less than 2 stops as it will take them an almost equal amount of time and they’ll be able to see more on their Paris holidays. Several boat services offer cheap transport as well as amazing opportunities to take great photos for your Paris holidays.

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