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Paris Essential Information

  • HEALTH AND SAFETY Travellers planning Paris holidays don’t have to worry too much about crime in Paris as it is quite safe for tourists with very rare cases of mugging or theft. The areas near attractions are very safe and well-lit at nights.
  • MONEY – Credit cards are generally accepted in restaurants, shops and bars in major towns however it is always recommended to carry some cash on your Paris holidays. Tourists can get money changes done at most of the post offices.
  • TIPPING - French law demands that service charge must be incorporated in all prices displayed in restaurants and bars. So, tipping is not obligatory on your Paris holidays but you should generally leave a little extra unless the service has been particularly poor.
  • CULTURE – Paris has a lively culture and lifestyle and no matter when you plan your Paris holidays, you are sure to witness some festivals, carnivals and parades. Artists hold their exhibitions here for the world to see. Several theatre and film festivals are held throughout the year.
  • DRESS CODE – Dress code in Paris is casual at almost all places. You don’t need to be over-dressed while dining on your Paris holidays. A jacket and tie is ideal for a man and women can either wear pants with a nice top or a nice-looking dress.
  • CONTACT INFO - In case you wish to contact the British Embassy during your Paris holidays, you can phone (33) 1 44 51 31 00 to contact the office in Paris.
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