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Paris Holidays

The magic of Paris holidays is renowned all across the globe with travellers, world over, waiting for the day when they get to visit Paris and experience the romantic capital of the world in all its splendour and magnificence. Paris holiday packages flood the internet with more and more tourists searching for the best deal for their perfect Paris holidays.

Paris is situated in the northern part of France, near the Seine River. It is the capital as well as the largest city in France. Travellers revel in the cultural riches of France on their Paris holidays. With the earliest signs of habitation dating back to 4200BC, it is easy to understand how Paris has witnessed the rise and fall of numerous rulers and civilisations. From the middle ages till the twentieth century, the people of Paris had to survive some very harsh times. Diseases like the Black Death killed almost 800 people a day. Paris had been the boiling pot of rebellions and revolutions, including the famous French Revolution which started here with the Storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789. It was also at the forefront during the World War I. During this period, Paris became renowned for its cultural, artistic and exciting nightlife.

Almost 12 million people live in the Paris region, mostly Roman Catholic. On you Paris holidays, you would be better off polishing your French speaking skills as it is their main language. The currency in Paris is Euro and the current exchange rates are 1 GBP = 1.13 Euro.

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