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Parga Holidays

Parga holidays would bring tourists to the north west coast of Greece. The area where Parga is located is known as Epirus. The beautiful town of Parga is sheltered by the bay and its houses climbing the mountainside is a beholder's delight. Mountains covered by olive groves greet tourists on Parga holidays. Unwind, relax and enjoy golden beaches, green colour of olive trees and orange trees, flowers, picturesque bays while holidaying at Parga. Parga is conveniently located very close to Preveza-Igoumenitsa highway. The uniqueness of Parga is its island feel in spite of being located on Greece mainland. Parga holidays are ideal for taking a break from busy work.

Traditional villages, green lush olive groves, plenty of bird life, dramatic mountains, deserted beaches etc. make up the beautiful town of Parga. Parga holidays would bring you to this nice, quiet place which has not been completely exploited by tourism as yet. Parga holidays would definitely have a laid back ambience similar to atmosphere in Greek islands. Traditional tavernas, relaxed cafeterias, stylish bars and few nightclubs provide Parga holidays tourists with relaxation options as well as occasional entertainment. The amphitheatre like coastal village of Parga is pretty and enchanting with its harbour, red tiled houses, narrow lanes, boutiques and tiny shops.

General Etiquette in Parga

Parga holidays can be spent in casual attire. Tipping is normally accepted even though not expected. Service staff are always gracious of help in form of tips but there is no obligation. You can leave a tip on the table if you particularly like service provided in restaurants and bars.

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