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Paravur Holidays

Holiday in Paravur is an experience of its own amidst the famed backwaters of Kerala. Fishing and coir production are two industries that sustain the economy of Paravur. Paravur holidays offer you the best of nature, fun activities, adventure and a dose of local culture in its various manifestations.

Paravur holidays take one to the pristine Malabar Coast of southern India. The region is picture-perfect with sparkling backwaters, beaches and greenery making Paravur holidays simply delightful. Holidays in Paravur have a unique charm that is hard to put into words. In fact, Paravur holidays let you live in a local culture that has an essentially Jewish flavour. The churches, temples, villages and shrines in and around Paravur make for an interesting dimension to your holidays in this part of Kerala.

Paravur is also the centre for an Elephant Camp where one can participate in bathing and feeding of elephants in addition to enjoying a lazy ride atop one of these amazing animals. The local villages around Paravur are teeming with craftsmen adept at creating splendid handloom weave designs. During Paravur holidays, you also get the opportunity to see them at work at small production centres and factories. Local restaurants and shrines are add-ons to such visits. One can also go for sightseeing tours in and around Paravur. The Kottayil Kovilakkom Fort, Palliyam Palace and Varkala are some of the hotspots of Paravur holidays.  

Kerala is famous for its ancient Ayurvedic treatments – traditional massages, yoga and meditation options are available at many places around Paravur. So your Paravur holidays can be a holistic healing experience as well - for the body, mind and soul.

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