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Palm Beach Attractions and Activities

•    Palm Beach is a popular beach for swimming and snorkelling. Diving is a favourite pastime for beginners and experts. Yachting, angling, fishing, sailing and windsurfing are water sports that exhilarate many Palm Beach holidaymakers. Golfing, hiking and horse riding are other activities that engage many tourists.
•    Bus tours, quad bike tours, catamarans, submarine cruises and banana boat rides offer excursions to explore the island. There are entertaining moonlight cruises and party cruises for Palm Beach holidaymakers.
•    Nightclubs, bars and casinos can keep you awake until the early hours of morning. Just enjoy a cocktail with your partner on a terrace as an alternative.
•    Oranjestad is just a 10-minute drive away. Shopping, museums, live music and casinos keep the Palm Beach holidaymaker entertained.
•    De Olde Molen is an authentic Dutch mill uprooted from Holland and is captivating.
•    The California Dunes and Lighthouse are a short drive. The rolling and wind sculpted sand dunes are spectacular sights.
•    Carnivals, theme events, gaming casinos and disco cruises are fun and add to the excitement of Palm Beach holidays.

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