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Palm Beach Holidays

Palm Beach holidays are a delight in high-rise holiday hotels with private access to the beach. The beach is an awesome 2-mile stretch perfect for solitude. Holiday hotels, water sports centres, restaurants and shops line the beach promenade for excitement. Tranquil waters, cool breeze, blue skies, tangerine sunsets, modern accommodation and delicious cuisine are highlights of Palm Beach holidays. Lovely palm trees fringe this coastal area. With an impressive shoreline, Palm Beach has developed into a premier beach resort in Aruba. Palm Pier is a beach bar at the pier for that soothing drink and a refreshing snack. Most hotels are near the oceanfront. The high-rise hotels include restaurants, casinos and boutiques as part of their service. The JE Irausquin Boulevard is an active scene with plenty of restaurants, bars and shops. Palm Beach holidays are a classic holiday with fun and solitude at just a stone’s throw away.

Palm Beach became a beautiful oasis and many people started to frequent Palm Beach. West Palm Beach is home to the locals. This onset of tourism initiated a trend of finest luxury and modern comforts in Palm Beach holiday hotels. Today, the warm but breezy climate, the turquoise and aquamarine waters, charming accommodation make Palm Beach a highly sought after beach holidays.   

Downtown Palm Beach offers bargains and moderately priced restaurants. There are elegant and extensive restaurants to suit the taste and budget of the individual. Theatres, martini bars, nightclubs and cabaret joints offer an eclectic nightlife in Palm Beach. There is plenty of recreation for the energetic. Golf, hiking, drag racing, croquet, yachting, fishing and sailing are popular pursuits. There are museums that make fascinating family excursions during Palm Beach holidays.    

General Etiquette for a Palm Beach holiday

Tip 10-20 percent if gratuity charges are not included in your bill. Hotels charge 6 percent room tax on providing accommodation. Light summer clothing, suntan and camera are vital while packing for Palm Beach holidays.

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