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Palm Beach Florida Holidays

Palm Beach Island in Florida was established by the founder of Standard Oil, Henry Morrison Flagler. Palm Beach is located towards the eastern part of Florida with a lovely tropical climate. The year around population in Palm Beach Florida is around 9,860 as recorded by U.S Census Bureau in the year 2004.

Incredible Palm Beach

The Beautiful Palm Beach brings to you the opulent 45 miles area of white sandy beaches to laze around and bath under the sun. The lovely waters are certainly breathtaking and invigorating. 
The Beach is suitable for children of all ages, families and couples. The beach boasts about the glitzy restaurants, bars and up market boutiques. Mostly, you would see private beaches on the island.
The Palm Beach also offers you fabulous art galleries, museums and theatres. For children, there is a zoo and safari park.
The lovely Island also offers some very appealing wildlife trips which give you the opportunity to spot turtles at Juno Beach. It also offers water sport activities like scuba diving and deep sea fishing. Golfers can have a great time as Palm Beach has some of the finest golf courses.

Floridians are very casuals when it comes to gestures. They might just shake your hand along with a pat on the back or ladies may hug and kiss you in the very first meeting. So don’t get surprised by their gestures, they communicate openness and friendliness through them.
Smoking is banned in the public area and it would be an offense, if you want to smoke, find a corner for yourself away from children and huge gatherings.

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