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Palafrugell Holidays

What happens when you are tired to the bone and are in need of a soothing massage? How about enjoying the massage in the backdrop of fresh Mediterranean wind? If this is just one of the many more relaxations you are looking for, head to Palafrugell. This is the perfect setting for the traveller who wants to take in the beauty of nature, and along with it, enjoy a few days in countless fun activities. Palafrugell is located in Spain’s Girona province, and is a highly developed tourist destination. It has been taking tourists from all over the world for over five decades now, and knows a thing or two about how to pamper you to the full.

Palafrugell is situated in the region or comarque, the term that Spaniards use for this kind of geographical entity, of Costa Brava. This term literally translates to ‘Coast of the Brave’. It must surely have been so, for it must have taken real guts to exploit these tough terrains to make a tourist destination out of the fishing communities that were the predominant source of livelihood earlier. This transformation of Palafrugell is both complete and incomplete in a sense. While the professionalism of the tourist service industry is there to be seen and enjoyed, there are also remnants of the old way of life, what with long lines of fishermen lining the coastline of this scenic place. This is actually the real fun of visiting Palafrugell, because it is here that one gets away from the tourist-designated places to get a smell of the real character of Palafrugell. 

Unlike in France or Portugal, the Service Tax is added into the bill. There is no fixed rate for tipping as such, but it is important to include all members of the staff you have interacted with, while offering tips.

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