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Welcome to Zip Holdiays. Zip Holidays is a holiday destination guide that helps British Holiday makers make better holiday decisions and be better equipped with cultural and local information.

When in Dubai, it's best not to engage in public show of affection as it's not appropriate to refuse a dinner invitation in Japan. Every region and culture has its own etiquettes and socially acceptable behaviour. When in Cuba, better have some emergency number handy and be aware of your rights as a British citizen. The purpose is to equip you with local knowledge and important information before you embark on your holiday, along with providing a great price comparison tool (still in the making), information on local holiday spots, things to do, good hotels, places to eat etc.

At present Zip Holidays provides information only, but we're soon coming up with a price compasion engine that'll display price quotations from UK's best holiday tour operators.

Make sure you take a printout of our destination guides along. Happy Holidays