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Oporto Holidays

Oporto is the second largest city in Portugal after Lisbon. This city is the Northern Capital of Portugal. It is famous for port wine and one can find a number of bridges here. This place is a main attraction for tourists because of the famous port wine. The port wine here is processed and blended and aged in a number of lodges such as Vila Nova de Gaia which is situated on the banks of the banks of the Duoro River. The city is also known as Port because of the world famous port wine available here. Another thing that is famous in Oporto is sailboats. This place is well known for fishing and one can find a wide range of seafood delicacies in the restaurants here.

Eating and Drinking in Oporto
Food in Oporto is similar to food available in any other part of Portugal. The dish that is the most famous in Oporto is the “Tripas a moda do Porto”, which is a tripe dish. There is another interesting food that one must have, the “bacalhau”. This a dish made of salted cod fish. There are a variety of dishes made out of this; however the best one to try out is the “Bacalhau com Natas”.
Eponymous port wine is what Oporto is famous for. This is actually a fortified wine which is made by mixing brandy to the wine before distillation. This wine can be stored for as long as forty years. It is strong, sweet and complex in taste.

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