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Nyali Holidays

Nyali is a suburb which lies close to Mombasa and offers limited places of interest on its own. The lone attractions which are part of Nyali include the three hotels towards the North Coast and Nyali Beach. The district is a popular destination among tourists on Kenya holidays for its hotel resorts, bars, restaurants, golf club, wealthy residential area and businesses. The historical sites in Nyali narrate a story with regard to their significance in the past.

The coastline stretching towards the North of Mombasa is vastly developed and includes multiple resort hotels. The hotels start from Kilifi and move towards the resort beaches of Nyali, Bamburi, Shanzu, and Kikambala. The Nyali Beach Hotel is a grand old hotel which lies on the Mombasa Kenyan coast. John and Eva Noon had opened the hotel in December 1946 and today it is rated as a unique 5 star accommodation. It is well known among tourists on Nyali holidays for its excellent hospitality, daily entertainment and sports program including water sports and activities. The guests on Nyali holidays can also indulge in aerobic workouts, golf, tennis, Kenyan deep sea fishing and beauty treatments. The Nyali Beach hotel serves as the closest resort for shopping, restaurants and sight seeing of Mombasa for tourists during their holidays in Nyali. The marine safaris provide an amazing ride to the Tsavo National Park.

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