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Nuns Valley Holidays

The Nuns Valley or the Curral Des Freiras is a village that is situated at the base of a deep basin and is surrounded by mountains with rugged peaks. Nuns Valley is the heart of Madeira and most of the hikes and walks conducted in the Island of Madeira has Nuns Valley as the central point. Previously if you wanted to visit Nuns Valley, you would have had to either walk or get a donkey ride. Things have changed and now Nuns Valley can be approached by road too. In spite of the progress made in transportation here, the village remains isolated. Nuns Valley is famous for its chestnuts and the locals of Nuns Valley celebrate a Chestnut Festival annually.

It is believed that the deep ravine in which Nuns Valley is located was formed as a result of volcanic activity or gradual erosion over hundreds of years. Nuns Valley dates back to the 16th century and it is generally believed that the village was formed by the nuns of Santa Clara convent of Funchal who had taken refuge here escaping pirates. The legend goes on to explain that the nuns brought with them convent treasure to Nuns Valley. The village is self sufficient and locals still live off what they cultivate here in the village. If you want to get a glimpse of a natural village, Nuns Valley is as natural as it can get. The atmosphere here is peaceful and traditional. So, if you are looking for a quiet, isolated and relaxing holiday, pack your bags and head to Nuns Valley.

General Etiquette in Nuns Valley

A tip of 10% is normal since in Nuns Valley the service charge is not added to the bill. Maids, helper boys, taxi drivers etc. all can be tipped if you feel their service was good. Knowledge of English is enough to help you in the journey and stay.

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