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Ultimate Holiday Spots for 2011

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In the age of extreme tourism, there are places around the globe waiting to be checked out by the discerning traveller. If you have the X factor in you, then get set and go for some of the most unlikely spots for your holidays 2011.

Some love being in one of the so-called disaster zones on our planet. The site at Chernobyl is the very place where the worst nuclear disaster took place in 1986. In keeping with safety measures, holidaymakers will be taken inside the 30-mile long exclusion zone around the site, avoiding areas that are still dangerous for us. This one is for the real adventurers up for an unusual holiday in 2011.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea might not be an appealing holiday destination for many but for those wanting excitement from offbeat ideas, this is it. For a country in which the national airline is taken to be un-airworthy by our very own European Union and where venturing out of your hotel without a state appointed “guide” is a strict no-no, one can still hope to have a good time in an unusual way of course. One could try their taste-buds with the local delicacy dog soup (not for the faint-hearted and dog-lovers). And if you do happen to be in Korea for 2011 holidays, you could also get the chance to pay homage to the embalmed body of Kim II-sung at his mausoleum.

The vicious labour camps – gulags – are increasingly getting popular with tourists from all over the planet. The last prisoners were released during the mid-90s and there were river cruises in place by 2004 by a Russian company in an attempt to make some of the most remote camps accessible to visitors. The warning sign – avoid this for winter as the region gets extremely cold – the best time to plan Siberia holidays in 2011 is in the months of June and July.

A visit to the Anthrax Island could be an interesting deviation from run-of-the-mill holiday ideas, especially for those looking for a short-haul 2011 holiday from the UK. The small island Gruinard is part of the Highlands of Scotland and was the site of experimentation for British scientists during the Second World War. The anthrax experiment was successful and consequently the island was closed to public for half a century the latter part of which was also the time to decontaminate the same by soaking the island in 280 tonnes of formaldehyde. The same deadly site has been declared safe now and is an attraction for walkers and birdwatchers.

One of the world’s most notorious detention camps was at the Guantanamo Bay and can be a must-visit unusual place for holidaymakers to Cuba in 2011. There are fast-food joints, American football pitch and wind surfing opportunities in the vicinity – but all this can only be had with prior permission from the military.

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