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Ten High Holidays for the Year 2011

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Be it wine tasting in the beautiful Douro Valley in Portugal or feasting and drinking on the beaches of Mexico, there are many places where one can spend a food (and drink) filled holiday. Here are some of the best picks from Zip Holidays UK:

Wines and skiing in Italy – Trentino-Alto Adige
Ski down to the valleys of the Dolomites and explore the amazing wine and cheese routes of Italy. The vintage wines of this region are quite famous and are made from the native marzemino grapes along with red teroldego rotaliano and white nosiola. The small family-run wineries offer stinky moena cheeses and smoked ricotta to go with the wines – a great way to kick-start your 2011 holidays in Italy.

Champagne and cycling – Reims
Reims is a great place to go for cycling holidays from the UK. Biking tracks in and around the town are ideal for exploring the region at a leisurely pace. One can get bubbly with champagne along the way!

Dessert wines at Hungary – Tokaj
This region in the north-eastern Hungary is close to the border of Ukraine and is home to some of the best amber wines in the world. The easy-to-drink wines come from cellars some of which date back to the 1680s! A nice way to spend your holidays in 2011.

Tannat Grape Wine at Uruguay – Carmelo
Uruguay might not come to mind the instant one thinks of wine, but arguably this region produces great wines from the tannat grapes. The weather is an added attraction which is warm and sunny throughout the year. Those who love vibrancy and fervour can visit the Punta del Este which is good for beer and cocktails, more laidback travellers should choose to visit the south-western regions.

Wines and canoeing in Dordogne
Take the Eurostar to Paris and head off to Brive which you’ll reach from the French capital in about eight hours’ time. Then board a bus to Beaulieu where you’ll get plenty of canoes to paddle around to get to Puybrun. In fact, there are a number of places one can reach through canoe from Beaulieu. Local buses and rented bikes are other means of transport. The reward for all the hard work – refreshing Cahors and Bergerac wines along with confit de canard.

Seafood, diving and drinking in Mexico – Baja California
One can hope for a fun-filled, food-filled and of course drink-filled 2011 holiday in Baja California, Mexico. Fishing, diving and eating are just some of the activities you can undertake between glasses. The historic Loreto and La Paz are must visits if you like to travel around. The valleys of Calafia, San Antonio de las Minas and Gaudalupe are places full of verdant vineyards and great wines.

Malbecs in Argentina – Mendoza
Zip Holidays recommends a trip right down to the south of America to Zuccardi and Catena in Argentina, Montes and Errazuriz in Chile, along with some horseback trips in the countryside, for an incredible holiday in 2011. In addition, one can also indulge in lazing around the Pacific Ocean beaches, trekking and rafting as well.

Douro wines in Portugal
The beautiful Douro valley extends from Oporto to the Spanish border at Barca d’Alva. The slopes are dotted with old-style cottages which can be reached via a small train that shuttles up and down in a couple of hours. Wine tastings are truly wonderful experience here with the variety of port wines, fine red wines as well as white wines.

Stay at a German brewery in Bavaria
The tiny medieval Bamberg town in northern Bavaria is a good base of breweries, with 11 mushrooming across the region. The Fassla brewery has, however, facilities for staying overnight. The comfortable rooms along with the state-of-the-art brew pub are quite refreshing in themselves. The signature brew of Bamberg is the smoky rauchbier – must try at the Heller brewery. There are hundreds of big and small pubs in the area where you can hop in for a quick break from sightseeing.

Drinking from the barrel in Tenerife
The Orotava wine valley in the northern stretches of Tenerife is renowned for guachinches, makeshift bars in the countryside. The latest harvest of the region is served at these seasonal bars. Complemented by great rural recipes such as rabbit stew and goat’s cheeses, the wines are simply superb. Bamberg is one of the must-go destinations for wine lovers in holidays 2011.

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