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Sunny Islands for a Memorable 2011 Holiday

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With snowflakes raining incessantly and a vacation on home soil facing a total whiteout, what’s best for you is to head off towards a warmer island for your holiday in 2011. And the list’s full of spicy and exotic locations that will make your holidays in 2011 seem more fun than ever before.

Spicy Zanzibar
This archipelago in the Indian Ocean has an inviting temperature hovering between 25C and 27C in January, making it your ideal spot for 2011 holidays. The group of islands, the biggest of which is Zanzibar, is a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania. Though the islands produce cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and pepper, Zanzibar with its vista of snorkelling, diving and deep sea fishing has everything that can make your holiday in 2011 a spicy one.

You can take your diving experience to the next level in Zanzibar. Whether you are a novice or a pro, the island has place for everyone with various firms offering help to divers with varied experience. What more, there are digital cameras available for underwater photography so that you can capture the rich flora and fauna of the deep.

Zanzibar in fact is one of the best kept secrets in the Indian Ocean. Most visitors who make it to the archipelago only savour Zanzibar forgetting that there are many islands and numerous islets around. The islets of Chumbe and Chapwani have good lodging facilities while Bawe and Prison Islands have excellent snorkelling facilities; they are good for day trips only.

Red Hot Lanzarote
Lanzarote, on the easternmost corner of Canary Islands, is a pearl in the Atlantic Ocean. The island, whose name in native language means ‘red mountains’, is a good option for any Briton for his holiday in 2011 with an inviting January temperature of 22C.

The long beaches of Lanzarote are surfers’ paradise with many surf schools ready to initiate the beginners.  Straight out of the freeze, Britons can sizzle in the sand during the day and hit the hot bars by night.

What sets Lanzarote apart from the other islands with crystal beaches is that it owes its origins to volcanic activity. A visit to the black lava rocks spewed out of the earth’s entrails thousands of years back is an eye opener to nature’s creativity. Unusual rock formations and underground tunnels formed from molten material are a must see as the island’s history revolves around volcanic activity and it is monitored at all times.  

Aphrodite’s Cyprus
If you want a milder weather for your holiday in 2011, Cyprus is a good bet. With an average temperature of 15C in January, Cyprus – known to be the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love – has clear sandy beaches, historical sites recognized by UNESCO and a rugged coastline to tempt even the toughest of all ascetics.

For adrenaline junkies there is canoeing, horse riding, diving, water skiing, paragliding, flying, sailing, kayaking, scuba... you name it and Cyprus will have it to make your holiday in 2011 memorable.  A visit to Paphos, which is a charming resort, is a must. While in Pahpos you might have a lucky view of the protected Mufflon which is Cyprus’s national animal and unique to the area.

Musical Cape Verde
If you are looking forward to sailing and surfing for your holiday in 2011, look no further. With an average January temperature of 24C, every day in Cape Verde is like a perfect English summer day.

This island country in the Atlantic Ocean consists of an archipelago of 10 islands that are of volcanic origin has been a tourist hotspot because of its sandy beaches and turquoise sea. Though known for water sports, fresh water comes at a premium in Cape Verde so that the swimming pools are fed with saline water desalinated through plants and gold courses are a rarity. When you are in Cape Verde one thing is for sure that there won’t be an occasional shower to spoil your day as rainfall here is negligible in comparison to Madeira and the Canaries.

If you jive to music, Cape Verde is definitely the place to be. Live music played in bars is an integral part of local culture and it will make your holiday in 2011 most memorable. Apart from the funky music, the cheerful Morna is internationally known form of folk music of Cape Verdea and on your return you will find yourself humming to the tunes.

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