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Sri Lanka Tourism Industry Kicks Back to Life

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As Sri Lanka breathes to life again after the long civil war, the tourism industry of the country is something that is looking up too. With hopes and plans in the offing for rapid growth of the holiday sector in the coming five years, Sri Lanka beckons travellers from all over the world. The security situation in the country is well under control and consequently international travellers have started positing faith in the same. A great tropical delight, Sri Lanka is one of the destinations one can look forward to for 2011 holidays.

There have been predictions by the Pacific Asia Travel Association that more than 500,000 tourists would have come to Sri Lanka until December 2010. On the other hand, the government of Sri Lanka has announced plans to accommodate 2.5 million visitors every year, and add 25,000 hotel rooms across the country by 2016.

The relative political stability and peace in Sri Lanka after the bloody civil war has started encouraging international tourists to the island nation. So much so that actual tourist arrivals are far exceeding the forecast for tourists coming to Sri Lanka by August 2010. The New York Times hailed Sri Lanka as the topmost holiday destination in its list of “31 places to visit in 2010”. Moreover, the National Geographic rated Sri Lanka as the second best island holiday destination across the globe, after Cuba.

At the moment, the government is working at upgrading the famous wildlife parks and zoos of the country, building more recreation facilities and hotels at the same time. Sri Lanka has over 100km of coastline along with wildlife parks, tropical rainforests along with eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

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