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Some More Inspiring Holidays for 2011

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There are certain nooks and corners of the planet that offer a special kind of solace and beauty which is creatively stimulating. In continuation with our story on inspirational holidays for 2011, here are some more holiday hotspots for the artist, the writer, the philosopher in you...

Greenland Holidays 2011
It feels like you are in one remote corner of the earth away from the din of everyday life back home. Sharing a space in Niaqornat which inhabits only 100 dogs and 59 Inuits is really something. And inspiring in surprising ways too. Living amidst bare necessities gives one time to ponder freely. With no bars, cafes, shops, doctors or even a proper hotel accommodation in the vicinity, one has to rely on tinned food and seal/reindeer meat. In fact, the biggest island on the globe Greenland has a population of less than 60,000. Round-the-clock daylight means you get more out of your life!

China Holidays 2011
The rapid pace of change and life in China is an energizer in itself. One can put in all of that and more in one’s writing, painting, film... or any other kind of creative expression. China is great for sculptors as the recycling practice adds an altogether different dimension to art.

Trinidad Holidays 2011
Trinidad casts its spell every time you are here. The tropical paradise (which is not a paradise at times with the extreme heat – that is the unique charm!) is indeed creatively stimulating. Through the ages, musicians, writers and painters have made the most of the ironies and paradoxes throbbing here... what’s stopping you?

Turkey Holidays 2011
Cappadocia is Turkey’s version of moonscape. The amazing rock formations and cave hotels seem all the more appealing when viewed from a hot-air balloon at dawn. The sights, sounds and smells of early morning are truly amazing and really hard to be put into words. Any writers at work?

India Holidays 2011
The local life in every part of India buzzes with, what else, life! The diversity of cultures is mind-blowing on this land called India, and the food simply awesome. Unleash your cooking creativity and learn the art all over again here.

Morocco Holidays 2011
Morocco makes one feel away from it all – almost to the extent that you forget where you’re from – the beauty of the Atlas Mountains is such. The near magical experience of trekking through the mountains is to be felt to be believed.

New York Holidays 2011
This city rocks! New York is a microcosm of the Land of Promise – a melting pot of cultures, traditional and colours. One can get inspiration from everywhere here, the imaginative appeal of New York is ever-changing yet indomitable and absolutely influential for the creative creatures among us.

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