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The Rajasthan International Folk Festival, held in a fort of the Blue City, is one of the newest and intimate events of India. This event, just three years young, brings up its own spirit of celebration. From various Rajasthani fold communities, a variety of singers, dancers, storytellers and instrumentalists participate in this event. Artists renowned in India and even abroad join the theatre programmes, making it one-of-a-kind event. The venue of RIFF 2010 is Mehrangarh Fort, which adds to the cultural flavour of the same. Any festival held at such a venue has its own taste.

The festival not only provides one with the wealth of Rajasthan’s music and rural art, but also makes an excellent final checkpoint for your holidays in the wonderful Indian state. Organised from 21st October, 2010 to 25th October, 2010, the festival is a must for those fond of music and colours.

To make holidays in 2010 king-size, a stay must be made at Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhawan Palace hotel. The hotel is part of one of the largest private residences as the royal family has turned half of the palace into a full-fledged luxury hotel. It is run by the famous Taj group, so stay will undoubtedly be grand. Advance bookings may be useful as RIFF 2010 will be crowded for sure.

The lovely city of Jodhpur is also known as the Blue City, as the blue-painted houses around the Mehrangarh Fort. The fort itself has a history of royal residence and parties, and so it makes a perfect rendezvous for the lovers of music and art. Last year the Goswami twins set a joyful mood with their tunes on sarod and sitar and the known Bollywood singer Rekha Bhardwaj collaborated with a melodious maand music singer, Rehana Mirza. RIFF has had a nicely served blend of Indian classical music with a hint of modern Indian music; so certainly the year 2010 promises more. RIFF 2010 in the middle of a holiday is definitely going to be an experience in itself.

Early morning and evening times are scheduled with more performances as the artists tend to avoid the hot days. Locals join too, making the crowd a beautiful mix of people from everywhere. People don’t mind staying up all night long at the grounds and of course the performance at sunrise is stunningly remarkable; and as RIFF gets a year older, 2010 will draw even more people in.

To take an off from RIFF 2010 in your holidays at Jodhpur you can experience Kalbeliya. Kalbeliya is the popular snake dance performed by the women of the Kalbeliya gypsy community. The dance has a history of entertaining the royal families. In many other places of Rajasthan, the communities no longer exist. So while you are in Jodhpur, you own a golden chance to witness the art of Kalbeliya. When RIFF 2010 is at a break, moving around in Jodhpur will be a reward always.

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