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Holidays 2011 With an Inspirational Twist

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There are certain holidays that are enjoyed as holidays per se, and then there are others that have the added influence of being inspirational – little things you can think of and do there make all the difference. Here is an overview of some ideas for inspirational holidays in 2011.

Meditation Holidays 2011 – Portugal
Unwind your mind at this truly enlightening holiday in Portugal’s Algarve. A beautiful nature reserve the Longevity Wellness Resort in the Algarve offers a number of meditation exercises as part of the holiday package. In addition, relaxing treatments such as facial and massage are also provided.

Pottery-learning Holidays 2011 – Marrakech
One can now learn a craft while enjoying a balmy holiday in the Moroccan delight Marrakech.  There is going to be a three-day traditional pottery course between 13 and 16 June 2011 at the luxurious riad hotel Dar Les Cigognes. This holiday package would include learning local pottery techniques at a potter’s studio, art gallery and market visits to get a feel of Moroccan potter, a dinner with talk on the Marrakech art circuit, etc.

Art Holidays 2011 – Venice
Gambol on a cityscape tour to Venice and discover the lights, sounds and spaces that have inspired artists for ages. A painting or photography holiday to this Italian city can turn out to be truly fulfilling yet fun. A number of Venice package holidays are available that have art as the mainstay.

Learning Holiday 2011 – Brazil
Get fit learning fight in Brazil! The Afro-Brazilian capoeira that combines martial arts, dance and music is a unique art form that was developed by slaves on the tobacco and sugar plantations of Bahia. This holiday would be based amidst the seaside splendour of Salvador.

Volunteering Holidays 2011 – Cambodia
Be a part of one of the social projects on a holiday to Cambodia this year. Making a difference in the lives of destitute street children by providing education and occupational training to them can be a good choice for some charitable work in 2011.

Volunteering Holidays 2011 – Nepal
While enjoying adventure holidays with hiking, rafting and elephant safari in Nepal, one can turn philanthropic and teach children at a remote local school near the Tibetan border. Sounds exciting, eh?

Volunteering Holidays 2011 – South Africa
Get involved in human rights projects on a land whose history is shaped by colonialism and apartheid in a big way. Working for raising human rights awareness among marginalized sections of the society such as women, children, prisoners and rural communities can be quite challenging yet deeply satisfying.

2011 can indeed turn out to be an year that leaves you with a sense of achievement through inspirational holidaying around the globe.

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