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Whether it is trekking you enjoy or mountain biking, there is a fun-filled thrilling holiday in store for you in 2011. Here is a bird’s eye-view of places you can go to across the planet and things you can do there during adventure holidays 2011.

Turkey – Adventure holidays
From canyoning and sea-kayaking to diving, mountain biking, trekking, rock climbing, paragliding and more on offer, Turkey could be an adventure lover’s dream destination in 2011. The best time to go for Turkey holidays would be between May and October.

Nepal – Trekking
Sleepy old-style Sherpa villages, mountain passes and glacial moraines galore on an unforgettable trek around the Everest Base Camp. The Gokyo Lakes Trek can also be done during Nepal holidays in 2011. The best time to go for mountain trekking in Nepal would be April, May, September and October.

Syria – Cycling
Cycling is one of the most wonderful ways to explore and enjoy the charm of Syria. During holidays to this country in 2011, enjoy cycling the road to Damascus for an unforgettable experience. The best time to go for Syria cycling holidays would be in March.

Brazil – Amazonian Adventure
The beaches of north-eastern Brazil are simply heavenly! Add to that the adventure of a variety of water sports along with sailing on the mighty Amazon and hiking through the dense primeval rainforest. Wouldn’t this be an absolutely thrilling experience? The best time to go for this adventure holiday in 2011 would be in May and December.

Slovenia – Winter Sports
Whether it is snowshoeing or ice climbing, skiing or snow biking, Slovenia has it all. Apart from the adventure sports one can try here, a holiday add-on is an overnight stay in an igloo! The best time to go for winter-sports filled holidays to Slovenia in 2011 would be in January, February and December.

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