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Great Ideas for Beach Holidays in 2011

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Spain Beach Holidays 2011 – Las Islas Cies, Galicia
The wild and spectacular Atlantic laps the beautiful coastline of Galicia making it one of the most dramatic places to be for a holiday, and that too without bothersome beachside crowds (for majority of tourists throng the Mediterranean beaches of Spain). From Baiona, Las Islas Cies beach is reachable via boat in approximately 40 minutes. The uninhabited national park at Las Islas Cies is a blissful retreat that is open to public only during summer months. The Praia das Rodas is also ideal for a romantic summer evening to be spent on pale sandy beach backed by tiny dunes flanked by crystal-clear waters of the lagoon. And while on a beach holiday in this part of Spain, as in anywhere else in the country, do not forget to taste the seafood which is really good.

Colombia Beach Holidays 2011 – Tayrona National Park
A virgin rainforest hike for almost an hour and you’d be surprised by the wild waters crashing against a rugged coast with rocks as big as houses! This is one of the atypical beaches of the Caribbean and quite isolated too – so you have unspoilt nature for company. The raw charm of this place is to be relished to be believed. The national park is an added attraction. Open-air hammocks tied to tall palm trees swaying in tropical winds are the best way to enjoy the pristine beauty of Tayrona.
Brazil Beach Holidays 2011 – Porto da Barra, Salvador
For enjoying a calm early-morning swim or a late afternoon chilled beer, Porto da Barra is just perfect. The spectacular location and laidback lifestyle in this corner of the world sets the holiday mood on a different parameter altogether. The bay waters mean it is calm for a swim, family friendly and quite clean. Porto da Barra is west-facing, giving one the opportunity to enjoy some magnificent sunsets.

India Beach Holidays 2011 – Arambol, Goa
Located in the northern part of Goa, Arambol beach is stunningly beautiful and appealing even to the most cynical of holidaymakers inspite of old hippies and expats who throng this region. In fact, one can easily find one’s own private spot for the beach is quite vast. Alternative ways to enjoy water are the freshwater lake by the jungle or another beach around the rocks.

Australia Beach Holidays 2011 – Whitehaven, Whitsunday Islands – Queensland
Absolute gorgeousness is what defines this picturesque beach in the land Down Under. The super-fine powdery sand surrounded by clear blue water that is flanked by tropical jungle at one end and dotted with tiny islands here and there – this is Whitehaven for you. Remember that it takes quite a bit of trekking and a stinger suit for almost half the year are some of the pricey bits you have to pay, but it’s well worth the effort.

Happy holidaying! : )

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