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Great budget eats in Kuala Lumpur

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Holidays in Kuala Lumpur attract lots and lots of wandering around in the colourful streets, and walking needs good, quick chews at budget price. If you’re fond of munching upon a wide variety of delicious Asian food, Kuala Lumpur holidays in 2011 await for your tummy with some of the most stunning flavours in the world.

Here are a few places you don’t want to miss on your Kuala Lumpur holidays in 2011-

Nasi Kandar Pelita (Twin Towers, Zon)
Nasi Kandar Pelita started as a family business, which now has more than 50 outlets. A great variety of curries served with rice is the specialty of this place. The Indian Muslim based dishes here provide you with a delicious lunch costing no more than £3.

Zon Food Court
Wander around a little bit more and spot Zon Hotel; the outdoor food court of which will give your taste buds a thrill in your Kuala Lumpur holidays in 2011 for sure. Some of the best traditional Malay recipes are served here which are a must do for your ala Lumpur holidays. Ask for tangy beef rending, grilled and fried fish, curried cuttlefish or surprising veggies like bitter gourd and pucuk paku to ice break your budget eating on Kuala Lumpur holidays in 2011.  

Precious Restaurant
Nyonya cuisine based dishes that have their roots back in time at the ports of Malacca and Penang require a great deal of cooking technique which one cannot spot on the side of a street, form the great taste of Malaysian food today. Book a table at Precious in your Kuala Lumpur holidays in 2011, and you can treat your tummy with some real delicacies like the sour ‘asam laksa’ soup, ‘acar awak’ (pickled veggies served with crushed peanuts) and much more. A decent dinner, believe it or not, barely costs more than £10 here- awesome food, great ambience and service in cheap price.

Hakka Restaurant
Although Hakka cuisine isn’t a top hit in Kuala Lumpur but still its delicious recipes will provide your holidays in 2011 with real feasts. This spacious open-air restaurant (1000 diners each night) serves wonderful Hakka dishes from last 54 years or so with ‘kangkong belacan’ being a talked about order among its guests. Kuala Lumpur holidays in 2011 at any cost shouldn’t miss the Hakka restaurant by ones fond of Hakka food. Various specialties of the place include double cooked pork knuckles and slow-cooked herbal chicken in a clay pot.

Taman Paramount
The traditional ‘pasar malam’ night market is quite famous among KL-ites even though most are fond of modern shopping trends. The best thing about night markets on Kuala Lumpur holidays is that you must spot just the right stall for your dinner! Fresh fish, exotic fruits and vegetables and some really awesome dishes can be spotted at the night market for prices as unbelievable as 10-20p. Fatman Steamboat is what you need to spot to get yourself a plate of absolute delicacy that will set the entire mood for your very own Kuala Lumpur holidays in 2011.

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