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Five Ideas for A Wonderful Island Holiday 2011 in Europe

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The secluded feel that one gets on an island, separated by the rest of the world by vast waters, is unmatched. We bring you five best destinations round the globe for island holidays in 2011:

Majorca Holidays 2011
Majorca, popular as the largest island of Spain, not only offers amazing and picturesque scenery but also rejuvenating night life.  The town centre of city El Arenal and capital Palma locates some of the greatest clubs and bars, and for the morning after at your Majorca holidays in 2011, brilliant beach life altogether makes Majorca holidays in 2011 a must for anybody seeking a complete vacation on an island – be it the beaches – Puro beach is world famous for a calm yet refreshing beach experience, the local slow-paced life at the idyllic villages and markets or the party spirit at its vibrant clubs.

Gran Canaria Holidays 2011
Gran Canaria, part of the Canary Islands, is a Spanish island about 125 miles away from West African coast. Its beaches and dunes are popular among tourists from far and wide. Holidays 2011 at Gran Canaria must involve fair visits to Castillo de la Luz (now a museum) in the capital Las Palmas. The centre of Gran Canaria has a mountain called Pozo de las Nieves, which is supposedly of over 1800 metres of altitude, and which attracts a good number of hikers from around the world each year.

Tenerife Holidays 2011
Tenerife is known as the largest Canary Island and accommodates a large number of visitors to witness its World Heritage sites and also Spain’s highest mountain, Pico del Teide. The mountain records highest altitude of 3718 metres and offers catchy views of volcanic craters from its peaks. Holidays 2011 at Tenerife will get you goose-bumps and it is perfect for backpackers looking for plain adventure and lots of exciting hike trails. The volcano (currently dormant) of Mount Teide will also be one of the main attractions for your Tenerife holidays in 2011.

Menorca Holidays 2011
Menorca, known as the second largest Balearic island, is an excellent destination for great holidays in 2011. Menorca features interesting ancient ruins, excavation spots and stunning cave systems and offers decent excursions and packages over last couple of years, which makes it perfectly suitable for your holidays in 2011. For architecture enthusiasts, Menorca has La Mola Fortress (set over Mao harbour) and the 15th century monastery of Museu de Mirorca, simply amazing places to shuffle through historical whereabouts.

Ibiza Holidays 2011   
Ibiza, as an island holiday destination, is a bit noisy but suits perfectly to party lovers. During summers, young travellers from around the globe fit easily in parties with world famous DJs, celebrities and glamour models. Ibiza also boasts world’s largest club with a capacity of 10,000 – Club Privilege. On the soothing side, Ibiza has Es Vedrà, a small reserve just 2 km away, that offers beautiful sunsets and a rather relaxed pace for your Ibiza holidays in 2011.

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