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Extraordinary Places to Stay During Your 2011 Holiday Break

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Whether you’re planning a holiday closer home to Switzerland or a laidback break in the Asia Pacific, there are hotels that will take your breath away with their sheer idiosyncrasy. Get set and be ready for an unusual staying experience for an unforgettable holiday in 2011.

Hotel Palafitte – Switzerland
You don’t have to go all the way to Mauritius for staying at apartments afloat a blue expanse of water. This experience is right at the Neuchatel Lake where you have stilted rooms jutting out to the middle of the waters. So get going and pack your bags for Switzerland holidays in 2011.

Hotel Kakslauttanen – Finnish Lapland
Hold your breath – this one is truly spectacular. With modernist glass igloos for your bedroom, you can enjoy the amazing Northern Lights right from the comfort of your bed. 2011 holidays could not be more dramatic!

Magic Mountain Hotel – Chile
You have to see this one to believe it. Located in the Huilo Huilo Reserve, the Magic Mountain Hotel has a waterfall gushing out from its roof to the sides – the sight is simply beautiful with the hotel veiled behind cascading water. The interiors are equally intriguing – altogether this hotel makes for an unusual 2011 holiday experience that would be hard to forget for a lifetime.

The Capsule Hotel
Ever-willing to cuddle up with your partner and dream of your very own love capsule? Well, head off for The Capsule Hotel that was formerly an oil rig survival pod. The capsule is moored at the Hague and comes with fairy-like decor, a disco ball and sleeping bags with silken lining. Come over for an out-of-the-box romantic break in 2011.

Kolarbyn Woodland Huts – Sweden
For an experience like no other, these camouflaged huts are surrounded by lush trees and have proximity to a gurgling stream. Chop wood for heating in a wonderful 2011 holiday sans electricity and other modern necessities. Get back to the basics, yeah!

Le Carré Rouge – France
If you are a diehard romantic and a nature lover at the same time, this one is perfect for you. With no electricity or running water, you’d be truly unwinding with your beloved here during 2011 holidays. From afar, the hotel looks nothing more than a tiny red cube encompassed by sprawling French countryside greens. The ground floor offers facilities for cooking whereas the first floor houses three double beds.

Atelier Sul Mare – Sicily
Each room of the hotel is the work of a different modern artist – lending a unique individuality that is difficult to miss. It is as if you are part of a masterpiece itself! Get here for an arty staying experience for Sicily holidays in 2011.

Hostel Celica – Ljubljana
The funky hostel was formerly a slammer and now transformed by an art community. For a minimalist student-like feeling for 2011 holidays, book your room here.

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