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Exciting 2011 Holidays in Montenegro

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The spectacular scenery of the wild side of Montenegro could be your base for an exciting walking holiday in the country. One of the short-haul holiday options for 2011, Montenegro is fast emerging as a favourite with tourists.

North Montenegro is home to the lush vegetation of Durmitor National Park which is popular for the sublime appeal of its mountains. Walking through the thick forest all the way up to touch the clouds and then back again to the Black Lake is an action-packed endeavour one can undertake during 2011 holidays in Montenegro. This spot is in fact very close to the place where Second World War communist partisans had their base – sounds interesting, eh?

One does not need experience in mountaineering to be able to traverse this territory, so say the officials. But it is always good to be careful. One wrong turn could translate into hours of climbing the steep woodland to get back on track. And a loss of time thus runs the risk of you being stuck in the wilderness as darkness descends. Do study and consult the map at regular intervals to mark your progress and to make sure you are going in the right direction. The paths are marked but some are meant for experienced trekkers only and lead to dangerous peaks such as the Mali Medjed (Little Bear). A sudden slip could land one on sharp stones several hundred meters down if you are in the treacherous zone. Nevertheless, the fact remains that this part of the country is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt locations on the whole continent.

Apart from walking and trekking, one could indulge in beachside lazing around in the sun along with some sightseeing. Driving is also an experience in itself here as most roads are narrow with a drop on one side. To top up the excitement, there could be a vehicle coming from the opposite direction on a steep bend, or a wild tortoise choosing to eat a fig fallen from a roadside tree right there in the middle of the road – one is left with no choice but to stop and savour the experience. White-water rafting and bungee jumping in the Tara River Canyon are other adventure options to look out for during your 2011 sojourn to this part of the world.

The southern region of the country has mountains too, but safer than their northern siblings. The coastal town of Tivat can become a base for mountain climbing. With views of the Adriatic on either side, trekking here can be real thrill. One could walk up to Kotor – a small town tucked into a bay and a wall by the mountainside.

As a safety measure for 2011 holidays to Montenegro, or for that matter anywhere else on the globe, always have emergency services numbers handy as you do not have an idea when and where you might need help, especially if you are going for adventure holidays.

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