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Cool Beachside Stays for Holidays 2011

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Bali is known for a pleasant beach experience but if you’re in need of lonely strolls with lots of quietness around, Bali is not the place. Pictures clicked at Bali holidays will always have people and things in the background as the beaches of Bali are packed with stalls selling lot of collectibles – key-chains, attractive stationery, decorative pieces and much more. Holidays at Bali allure one to buy a lot of unavoidable stuff as everything is fairly cheap; bargains surprisingly work almost each time. With several villas made of teakwood, coconut wood and unpolished marble, stays become quite wonderful at holidays in Bali.

The little island of Lime Cay is simply amazing for sunbathing on the bright sands and for water sporting. The beaches of Jamaica are pretty occupied so if you want your holidays in 2011 to be a little secluded, aim for Lime Cay.

Other two important beach names to remember for your holidays in 2011 are Mallard Beach and Turtle Beach. Although both the beaches are famous among tourists but still if you’re looking for lots of attention as a tourist followed by lots of activities, these beaches will never be a disappointment for your holidays 2011. Another beach called James Bond Beach locates the Golden Eye Hotel, the very hotel that writer Ian Fleming stayed at while writing the James Bond series. Lastly, Seven Mile Beach, which was quite a favourite in the 60’s (and the hippie movement!) still resides lots of nude guests each year – so choose perfect beaches for your holidays in 2011 wisely.

As Jamaica never runs out of beaches, try out a fair research on Boston Beach, Frenchman’s Bay and especially Walter Fletcher Beach, which offers exclusive swimming and bathing opportunities rarely found in other beaches.

Travelling Mexico is greatly about its beaches. And the beaches are divided on the east by the Caribbean and on the west by the Pacific. All beaches of Mexico have their distinct features that you may use for choosing the best beach for your Mexican holidays in 2011.

The beaches on the Caribbean have warmer waters and brighter sands than the beaches on the Pacific. On the other hand, the beaches on the Pacific are known for fresh blue waters and waves – just perfect for surfing and water sports.

The city of Tulum has its historical significance being the legendary Mayan city on the Caribbean, and is also gifted with some of the best beaches of Mexico for your holidays in 2011. With beaches like Playa del Carmen and the islands of Cozumel and Xcaret, Tulum comes up as a cool beachside destination for holidays in 2011.

On the Pacific, Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca is a hit among surf lovers whereas Puerto Vallarta is always remembered for stunning beaches. Last but not the least, Acapulco provides great hotels, a warm temperature above 22C throughout the year and great, fun-filled beach experience. Mexico undoubtedly comes among the best beaches for cool beachside holidays in 2011.

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