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All about all inclusive holidays in 2011. In 2011 - where to go, when to go and other 2011 holiday news.

If you are a lone traveller and up for a holiday in summer 2011, check this out!
Zip Holidays presents summer family holiday options for families with children over five years of age.
Some options for having a memorable 2011 vacation with a toddler on board.
From safari holidays in Tanzania to Andaman Island vacations in India, here are some cool green retreats for holidaying in the Indian Ocean in 2011.
Copenhagen holidays 2011 are going to be fun with budget accommodation options in heaps – some highlights.
Here are some insights for having a wonderful holiday in Bangkok this year.
From having a beach holiday to a city break, here are some bargain ideas for your holidays in 2011.
Springtime skiing conditions are prevailing all over Europe, making skiing holidays still a hot shot for many.
From climbing and cooking to surfing, here are some enriching women-only holiday ideas for 2011.
If you’re planning a quick weekend getaway now, Istanbul could be a really nice option.
Here are some cool tips for spending a worthwhile summer 2011 holiday in Balearic Islands.
Here are some city-break ideas off the beaten track in Spain – discover the country afresh in 2011!
From Andalucian hills to the golden beaches of Galicia, here are some hotspots in Spain to have a great holiday in 2011.
A gastronomic delight in France, Lyon is also known for its architectural and historical marvels. Here are some things to do on Lyon holidays 2011.
If you have still missed it, go for a late-season skiing holiday at any of these destinations around the globe.
For a safe and enjoyable Africa holiday in 2011.
Read on for an incredible island holiday experience for your 2011 vacations in Europe.
Sample Finnish delicacies in the markets of Helsinki or make your way through the crowds in Mercat de St Antoni in Barcelona – here are some worthwhile markets to check out during your holidays in 2011.
Standing on the junction between Asia and Europe, Istanbul is special – spending 2011 holidays in Istanbul translate into relishing luscious traditions and glitzy modernity all at one go.
From Australia to Costa Rica, here are some holidays to go for in March 2011 for some warmth and some adventure!
Apart from feeding slot machines round the clock, you can have plenty of other things to do in Las Vegas on a fun-filled holiday in 2011.
From soaring waves crashing against rocky shores to gentle blue waters flowing on fine white sands, there is a plethora of beaches around the world that one can enjoy. Here’s a handful for holidays 2011.
Planning a party holiday before Lent? Here are some carnival holidays you could head off to.
Yes, it’s true – there are places entirely dedicated to the emotion called love, and Zagreb’s Museum of Broken Relationships is the latest in the list.
Here are some last-minute holiday ideas for getting hot and sunny.
The city of love Verona has a choice of eating joints ranging between small wine bars and riverside romantic trattorie – here are some budget places to check out on 2011 holidays to this part of the world.
Late holiday options for ski lovers planning a break right now.
The Canadian wilderness is deep, dramatic and alluring – perfect for exploration atop a kayak. Here are some pointers towards a kayaking adventure in Canada in 2011 holidays.
It may not seem to be a great holiday option for 2011 especially for youngsters, yet the fact remains that Croatia has in store lots of relaxation as well as sobriety.
Cool spots to chill and relax by the sea, here are some interesting beach stay options for your holidays in Asia 2011.
Here are a handful of fantastic offbeat romantic getaways for St Valentine’s Day 2011.
An action-packed holiday could be on the cards if you’re planning a trip to Montenegro in 2011 – here’s how.
Costa Dorada in Spain is just perfect for families on holiday in 2011 – with ancient as well as modern leisure and fun activities in store near Cambrils holiday park.
From floating lazily on the backwaters to sipping fresh tea on a plantation and soaking the sun on a beach, Kerala holidays 2011 have lots in store for you.
For a great combination of sand, surf and skyscrapers, head off to these destinations for holidays 2011.
Zip Holidays presents some really enjoyable beach holidays for your break in 2011.
Satiate your art-hunger pangs by visiting one of these modern art galleries in your chosen holiday destination for 2011.
For a quickening of your creative nerve, head off to these inspiring holidays for 2011.
Planning for a holiday in 2011 that ignites your mind? Here are some places from around the globe that have been inspirational for art and literature.
For soaking up the glory of the sun, head off to one of these destinations for holidaying in January 2011.
Going to Canada for a holiday this year? Here are some quick pointers towards enjoying your Montreal break to the fullest.
If you love relaxing every muscle of your body with the caress of soothing warm water, then there are places on earth you could go for a perfect holiday to, in 2011.
There is a boot camp to suit your fitness preferences during 2011 holidays – whether it is a boutique fitness camp in Tuscany or a fitness ranch in Texas.
Whether it is meditation or diving you love to do on a holiday, we have a holiday for you. Choose from the following list of holiday ideas for a perfect holiday in 2011.
The numerous ski resorts in the Balkans are great value-for-money option if you are an adventure sport lover. Here are quick spots for a snowboarding holiday in 2011.
From canyoning in Turkey to snowshoeing in Slovenia, here is a quick list of action-packed holidays for 2011.
Here are some of the coolest holiday options for the year 2011 – for every season.
From the increasing popularity of voluntourism to the near extinction of what we used to call the staycation, here are some of the holiday trends for the year 2011.
Connoisseurs of good food can have a great time in Italy – here is a brief guide on the local delicacies the land of pizza has on offer for a delicious 2011 Italy holiday.
From having a joy ride on a gondola to relaxing at Lido, here are some of the ways in which one can have a good time with family on a Venice holiday in 2011.
The cosy cafes in Gothenburg are enough to ward off the windy winter holidays 2010-11, Zip Holidays on a Swedish sojourn.
A land with a melting pot of cuisines from around the world, Malaysia has the most diverse variety of food in the region. Here is a quick gastronomic guide for holidays to Malaysia in 2011.
Here are some of the must-try picks for a foodie on holiday in 2011.
Relive Jurassic era excitement with the amazing komodo dragons of Indonesia during your Southeast Asian sojourn in 2011.
Winter being the off season in Venice, one can enjoy the elegant beauty of the city that remains crowded during summers. Zip Holidays has a few pointers if you happen to be there for 2010-11 winter holidays, which means NOW!
Here are some unusual holiday spots for you to check out during 2011 vacations.
Mexican food has been included by UNESCO in its cultural heritage list, so there is more reason than ever to try it during your 2011 holidays to the Caribbean jewel.
From gourmet food to chic interiors and free wi-fi, hostels today are more than comfortable for backpackers. Here is a pick of hostels to check out on a backpacking holiday 2011.
From tiny shops in busy streets back home to sprawling emporiums in New York and Florence, there are bookshops worth checking out on your holidays 2011.
With the royal family planning a wedding in April 2011 that all of us are looking forward to, here are some holidays to celebrate it in your own way!
Zip Holidays presents a quick list of places that offer much-sought-after respite from the freezing winters in Britain.
Emerging out of recession, more Britons are looking forward to holidaying abroad in 2011.
Whether it is about spending long Chilean nights stargazing under a clear sky or having a breathtaking road drive through the Death Valley, there are many ways in which one can enjoy being in a desert.
Hong Kong will have the tallest hotel in the world soon, offering unparalleled views of the city.
Salsa... cigar... rum... and more, Cuba holidays can be real fun for teens especially if you add a dose of political education. Zip Holidays on holidays to Cuba in 2011.
In the wake of recent stranding of thousands of tourists aboard the Carnival Splendour, Zip Holidays presents some SOS tips for people planning cruise holidays in 2011.
The islands in and around Europe have been popular short-haul holiday destinations for most of Europeans; here are some of the favourite travellers’ picks for 2011 holidays.
Here are some cheap hostels, lodges and hotels for a great skiing holiday in 2011.
Zip Holidays presents some of the top places in Beijing to relish good food – take note for your holiday to Beijing in 2011.
Zip Holidays presents a list of destinations from across the globe that are ideal for a great backpacking experience in 2011.
As Sri Lanka prepares for the resurrection of its tourism industry, Zip Holidays presents an overview for those who are planning their 2011 holidays in Sri Lanka.
If you are going for a South American holiday in 2011, the affordable inns sprinkled all over the continent are great value for money.
Because of offbeat holiday spots, cool hotels and exquisite wineries, Austria is one of the favourite holiday spots for the Brits. Here are some tips for Austria holidays 2011.
America has stood synonymous with driving holidays and on-the-road fun. Here is one of the best and most popular driving holidays in America for the year 2011.
Zip Holidays UK presents a list of hotels that are reminders of the colonial past of some of the oft-visited places in Asia. Come and experience some old-style comfort during holidays 2011.
This week is the 1000th birthday of the Vietnamese capital city Hanoi. To mark the occasion, Zip Holidays UK presents some of the best street eats for your holidays here in 2010-2011.
From staying at a German brewery to having classy champagne treats in Reims, here are some cool booze breaks to check out during your holiday break in 2011.
Planning holidays to the US this year? Here are some hotel picks if you are fond of kitsch surroundings during your 2011 holiday to Americana!
South Tyrol is a predominantly German-speaking region of Italy, and a true delight for food lovers with good wines to complement. Zip Holidays tells you how, for an incredible Italian holiday in 2011.
Going to tie the knot next year? Here are some unusual wedding holiday locations from around the world that will surely take your heart away!
Shanghai holidays in 2011 promise great many things as the Chinese city bags the status of being the sexiest one in the country.
Some ideas on kayaking holidays in 2011.
Go through the write-up for a unique holiday experience in Arunachal Pradesh - one of the seven sister states in northeastern India for holidays in 2011.
Dancing till wee hours of the morning during Ibiza holidays 2011? Now get set to explore the island in yet another way – cycling through breathtaking landscapes on an 18-mile long track.
Book homes that were an inspiration for literary geniuses in the like of Hemingway, Shakespeare, Coleridge, Byron and Shelley for your holidays in 2011.
Live life king-size at these majestic boutique hotels in India’s beach holiday hotspots Goa and Kerala. Zip Holidays presents a list for a quick look before going on India holidays in 2011.
Zip Holidays UK presents a quick list of North African and Middle Eastern urban bolt holes that become quite stylish accommodation for your holidays in 2011.
From where to tap to the infectious Cuban music to places for eating out or having a booze, watching ballets and spending time walking or idly lazing around the beaches, and so on – Zip Holidays UK presents some great tips while you’re on holiday to Havana in 2011.
Exotic temples, exquisite beaches, amazing food, tropical landscapes and towering volcanoes – there is excitement in 2011 holidays to Bali, the jewel of Indonesia.
From pristine white sands caressed gently by turquoise waters to raging waves ravaging a rugged rocky shore, the beach has many avatars far and wide. For the beach worms, here are some incredible holiday ideas for 2011.
The Copper Queen Hotel in Arizona has been in the news for guests recording their supernatural experiences in the hotel in the front desk journals. Here is a report for those who want an otherworldly 2011 holiday!
Weird and wonderful – Zip Holidays presents to you some of the most extraordinary accommodations from around the globe.
New York holidays have on offer more than the buzzing Manhattan. Here’s a list of top places to see on your NYC vacation in 2011.
Southeast Asia and India have been popular havens for backpackers for the last many decades. But it is always exciting to find something offbeat. Zip Holidays presents a list of some good out-of-ruts options for your Asia backpack holiday in 2011.
Zip Holidays presents some really thrilling holiday ideas for 2011 across the world.
Zip Holidays presents a list of some of the best wildlife holidays for families on vacation in 2011.
From that insurance to your mobile phone, you don’t have to run out of money while you’re taking a gap year holiday. Here’s how in case you’re planning to begin one in 2011.
If you are carbon conscious, there is a plethora of holiday options for you in 2011. Check out!
Zip Holidays presents an overview of spending your Italy holidays in 2011 with a reason to be bubbly!
Zip Holidays presents ideas for an exciting 2011 weekend holiday in the happening city of Rio de Jeneiro.
Zip Holidays presents a list of secluded islands and beaches in Greece – perfect for a romantic getaway in 2011.
The fun of Hong Kong holidays in 2011 is not only in the city life of great markets but mainly in the street food.
Zip Holidays' quick reference list of US driving holidays in 2011.
For some finger-licking street food during Beijing holidays 2011.
Zip Holidays has compiled a list of top ten bars and restaurants in Palma, Mallorca for your 2011 holidays. Have a look!
Zip Holidays presents a quick list of some good accommodation options for Egypt holidays 2011.
Some tips on enjoying Italy holidays in 2011 on a budget trip.
Whether you want solitary solace or some action-packed fun, here’s a quick reference list to choose an island for your Greek holiday in 2011.
So you can spare two days for a memorable short Athens holiday in 2011 – here’s a list of things to do by Zip Holidays.
An overview of the many cake stalls and pastry shops in Singapore, to make your 2011 holidays sweetly memorable!
Who says solo travellers can’t enjoy to the hilt? Take your pick from these solo holidays for 2011.
Zip Holidays presents a list of great hotels for romantic holidays in 2011 – for that perfect blissful moment with your beloved.
Some places are best explored on foot – Zip Holidays presents the top ten walking trails in the world, for an incredible holiday in 2011.
Here is a list of the ultimate gap-year holidays for those who have a fascination for people and places.
Pack your bags for some thrill in Turkey holidays 2011.
With gay people been increasingly accepted by societies the world over, there are some cool holiday options for the differently-oriented in London, the gay capital of Europe.
Instead of eating at expensive restaurants in Venice, have your food and wine at backstreet joints thronged by locals.
Zip Holidays recommends the best Gothic hotels for adding some spooky excitement to your holidays in 2011.
From hunting tiger fish in Mozambique to sea trout in Wales – here are ideas for some thrilling fishing holidays in 2011.
You can spend some of the most enjoyable island holidays in Europe in 2011. Here’s how.
Read on to find some really enjoyable holidays in 2011, with your much-loved doggie!
Last minute camping holiday check-list of sorts from Zip Holidays.
Leave a low carbon footprint with these ten vacation ideas from UK for 2011 by Zip Holidays.