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From South America to Switzerland, there are numerous options when it comes to enjoying a fun-filled party holiday in 2011 – and that too before Lent.

Dominica – Mas Dominik
The traditional Caribbean carnival that takes place before Lend is quite a warm place to be at for your 2011 holidays. A beautiful blend of French and African masquerade traditions, Mas Dominik is quite lively and invigorating. With the striking costume masquerade and narrow local streets that make everyone BE a part of the party mood, this carnival is a must-visit on the planet for those who love fun, life and colour.

France – Nice Carnival
If you’re planning to be in Europe for the pre-Lent party, France could be the place to go to in 2011. Watch the yachts lazily drifting on the blue waters of Baie des Anges while relishing a French lunch on a sun-soaked terrace. The big floats, lively procession and loads of street art on display are some of the characteristic features of the Nice Carnival. The battle of flowers is a spectacle hard to forget ever afterwards.

Spain – Cadiz Carnival
One of the oldest carnivals that there are, Cadiz is famous for its amazing street parties. Revelers have fun to the limits – the winding cobbled alleyways and roadside bars doling out traditional Andalucian fare add to the party mood. The whole experience, if you choose to be here for the carnival in 2011, is guaranteed to be simply… beautiful!

Switzerland – Fasnacht
The three-day long carnival has processions, costumed people retelling stories, bands, music and lots of fun. The confetti-laden carnival begins around 4 o’clock in the morning at the market. The dark square is brought to life by a procession of piccolos, drums and lanterns, and continues as the light dawns on the world. If you are here during 2011 carnival holidays, you’re bound to have a magical experience that eludes words.

Trinidad and Tobago – Trinidad Carnival
This one is the wildest of them all and famous all over the globe for its unforgettable and
indescribable sensual feel. The scale is grand – thousands of masqueraders, huge costumed players, pulsating soca music and a truly diverse mass of people who just reveal the very soul of this nation. This is one great choice for having carnival holidays in 2011.

Bolivia – Oruro Festival
Hordes of musicians and dancers throng the streets of the sleepy old town of Bolivia in its Oruro Festival. The spectacular costumes are a sight to behold, so are the water-balloon fights. Reach Bolivia ahead of the festival, because the altitude (3,700m from sea level) takes a while to let you acclimatize.

Argentina – Gualeguaychú Carnival
Running throughout January and February with competitions on every Saturday, the Gualeguaychú carnival has its grand finale in the month of March. The atmosphere is sunny and vibrant while the party continues through the night. Gualeguaychú is a cool option indeed for an enjoyable 2011 carnival holidays as there are barely any tourists.

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