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New York Restaurants and dining

To say that New York has a diverse food culture is a huge understatement. When you explore the city while on New York holidays, you’ll find out that not only is the city a cultural melting pot that has over two centuries accepted into its fold people from different countries and varied backgrounds, but 35 percent of its current populace was born outside United States. The sheer variety of cuisine one can experience here is enormous. Middle Eastern delicacies such as Kebabs, spicy foods from India and of course, New York-style Pizza are all available. It is also home to some famous haute cuisine restaurants that rank among the Nation’s finest, where guests can expect to pay 15 to 20 percent in tips. The city is a gourmet’s delight and offers fantastic French, German, Russian, Japanese and Moroccan cuisines to name but a few. New York Holidays would let you try all the above cuisines and more. The choice of food caters to every taste and every pocket. Portion sizes are larger than in the U.K. and one can eat well even on a low budget.

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