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New York Holidays

Choose from a wide range of New York Holidays’ packages designed specially with a view to suit all types of travellers. Be it a luxury holiday or a cheap budget holiday, a family holiday or a holiday just for couples. We also plan last minute New York Holidays for impulsive vacationers.

In contemporary times, no other city has enjoyed a position or stature of global prominence as high as has the city of New York. Being the most populated city of the United States, the city ‘that never sleeps’ offers plenty in terms of business, leisure and entertainment, education, culture and fashion. Henceforth, New York holidays are always a fun option for breaks and holidays and like Florida holidays, holidays to New York are very popular, be it for a couple of weeks or short city breaks.

With an area span of around 790 sq. km, New York City is inhabited by around 8.5 million people, from all walks of life. The city’s vivacity and liveliness is absolutely infectious, as is its modern charm. The city, otherwise referred to as the Big Apple, has stamped its authority on a global scale to the effect that now it is the home to several cultural and commercial hotspots of international significance. It is attributes like these that feature high on travellers’ minds when they opt for New York Holidays.

Initially set up as a commercial trading post by the Dutch in the early 1600’s, the city of New York was then named New Amsterdam. New York City has, since, risen to be a city of immense potential. While planning our packages for New York Holidays, we have ensured tourists get a glimpse of the historical aspects of the city as well.

Arguably one of the most exciting holiday destinations in the entire world, New York truly lives up to its reputation of being one of the hottest and the most sought after holiday destinations. With a pulsating nightlife, plenty of accommodations, zillion attractions, New York Holidays offer a true holiday experience to be cherished forever.

New York City has been the largest city of United States since 1790 and continues to be a leading global city that exerts a tremendous influence over worldwide finance, commerce, entertainment, culture and fashion. People here speak in almost 170 different languages, and over a third of its denizens were born outside the country. With all this and much more it offers visitors a bewildering variety of places to visit and things to do, that time just seems to rush by. What’s more, you can explore forested mountains, small pleasant towns and beautiful seascapes that are only a day’s drive away. And all this is taken care of in our packages for New York Holidays.

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