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Negril Holidays

Negril holidays are a complete rejuvenation. Holiday makers who want a getaway from their hectic lives should holiday in Negril for its tranquil atmosphere and naturesque surroundings. Since Negril is a small and serene place, smaller to Montego Bay or Ocho Rios, the closest town to it is Savanna-la-Mar, capital of Westmoreland. . Negril is 50 miles west of Montego Bay. The name Negril comes out of Spanish origin ‘Negrillo’ in 1494. Negril holidays have been quite a favoured destination for the hippies in 1970’s and continue to be so. Not so renowned in the mid twentieth century, holidays in Negril have modernized and developed with time and are now considered one of the best in Jamaica.

Negril holidays have long been about sun, sand, surf and music. But when Negril was not so popular and did not have sufficient places of accommodation, local Jamaicans would often welcome tourists on holidays to Negril to their homes and help them experience true Jamaican spirit. Such is the comfort and air of Negril. Negril is rated as one of the top ten beaches and it is a great idea to plan a beach holiday in Negril. The north side of beach provides all inclusive Negril holidays to tourists as its many resorts cover activities and relaxation for their guests. Whereas, south of Negril is more for honeymooners or those who want more secluded a place and are seeking a romantic holiday in Negril. Beautiful beaches at Long Bay and Bloody Bay with golden sands, clear waters ideal for swimming, diving and snorkeling, catamaran and boat cruises, exotic coral reefs and caves, parasailing and other interesting sports comprise the magic of Negril beach holidays.

General Etiquette in Negril

Tourists heading to Negril holidays should come with an ease, with a single motive to relax. In some places, specific etiquettes have to be followed but in Negril it is as per your choice. For instance, tipping in Negril is not compulsory. Some people such as pimps etc might chase tourists, best is to avoid them.

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